First Late Thursday at The Newark Museum


I don’t remember how I originally heard about a Thursday night event at the Newark Museum in October. I thought about going. Then I saw on a flier that there was a skateboarding movie that was going to be playing, and I really wanted to go. I’m from a white town with a lot of skateboarders so I was interested. I figured it was going to be a bunch of videos and documentaries.

My son and I drove around a while trying to find parking. We really live close enough that we could have taken an uber real quick, but then there was the hassle of the carseat. I didn’t have cash on me, so I thought it would be better to park and walk instead of trying the parking lot in the museum. After like fifteen minutes around and around the same ten blocks or so, I gave in. I pulled into the parking lot. Turned out that they take cards, so we were good.

Hopped out. I was holding the baby while I signed in. I said hi to a woman I met at the CWoW exhibit just days before. We talked over at the fence for a good fifteen minutes or so about god knows what. I remember her asking me if I’d been to the museum lately, and I said yeah. It was great, but the hours are bad for me. She agreed.

Anyway, she was running the table that people were signing in at. One of the hosts for the night walked up to her while I was printing my name saying that the auditorium was open now and people could start sitting down. There would be another room for people who don’t fit in there. After grabbing my little flier, she repeated mostly what that guy just said to her and recommended we go down before all the seats got taken. I said thanks. I didn’t even realize there was a concert going on, but it turned out that’s what most people were there for.

Since we were late (I guess that’s a theme here), we missed what I assume was an audio along with the video. In the upstairs room near where I signed in. There were some skateboard types around, so I knew I was in the right spot. The video was playing on two medium sized television screens, but there was no volume. I looked around, and everyone looking on seemed pleased, but I was like how am I supposed to know what’s going on without audio? Or subtitles at least? We stood there for a few more minutes before going downstairs.

My son ate his snack while we sat there watching a video of a guy giving a little tour of Newark, which was great in a geeky/funny type of way. At one point he introduced the area we live in. He lives right around the corner from me. He mentioned something special about the mansion he lives in and said, “am I going to call my house a mansion? Yes, I am.” He was perfect for the video. So charming and jolly about everything.

Hurtjohn did some chanting and music. Rah Digga did a song. Frenchie Davis sang. Then Sarah Dash sang. She before an encore, she said her feet hurt but ok. It was all cool.

But the first person up was my favorite. It was a dancer named Storyboard P. The song was perfect. I couldn’t see what he was doing from my seat midway through, but what I did see was smooth, vulnerable, and certain. During the moments we couldn’t see him, I looked over at my son twirling around in the space in front of his chair. That made it all seem worth something.


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