the best weather is coming


Why does it feel like dressing less warm will make the weather stop being so cold? It’s not even technically time for warm weather yet (still March), and yet I’m always hanging up my coats and stuff feeling like maybe this is it! Maybe the weather will stop being so cold, and I won’t need a coat!

Then the next time I’m heading out, it right back to the closet to grab a Northface or a hoodie-jacket combo. It seems like every season lasts just a little bit too long nowadays. Was it like this before?

The only weather than doesn’t last is, of course, the best weather. The best weather is when you can wear heeled sandals and a light sweater, or a skirt without even thinking about stockings or boots. That’s like 75-85 degrees. THAT shit comes and goes in two seconds. Spring and fall are disappearing rapidly from the annual weather circulation. Thanks a lot, global warming…

But spring is coming, and my strappy sandals are impatiently waiting.

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