tinder is trash part 2 of 2

But at the last second, I did hook up with one guy on there who lived nearby. It was just for good measure. He was cool cute all that. He texted me a lot and was generally nice. Not sure what more to expect by that point.

But that wasn’t enough to keep me interested. After we fucked one time, he would hit me up on random late nights looking to smoke. Bitch lol. No. I’m not fucking you for a blunt… Deleted the app and his number.

I still had just one one person left over from Tinder in my texts. This was a guy who seemed cool and lived near my job. We had just exchanged numbers. Talked about nothing here and there.

He was cute and seemed normal. He was another one who wanted pics. I was like we can Facetime. Whatever. I’m not hiding anything. I sent him a pic of me that second looking high as fuck I’m sure. He was like okay he smokes too, and you look good I can fuck with you.

Duh… Anyway!

But now you might think he’ll act cool too, right? Now that he knows I’m a real person? Wrong. He said something like “maybe we can get together later tonight. My friend is having a house party.” The day progressed. The texts dwindled. The night passed.

The next day he hits me up with the same shit–“maybe we should go out tonight.” I was just shook my head. This fucking loser. I said “lol maybe is your word.” Blocked his number.

Anyone whose into the emptiness that is Tinder is probably a person I can’t even fuck with. I’ve met okay men from the internet randomly, but none from Tinder.

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