unsolicited dick pics

Who is asking for dick pics? Please, tell me. I want to know what you do with them? Do you just want the ones I get? Or else this phenomenon must just be a man’s way of asserting his phallic dominance?

Every woman I know has a completely random dick on their phone. I remember getting a dick pic once from a number that I didn’t know when I was like twenty-one. I told them to kill themselves. I screenshotted it and made it my bbm picture. With the phone number left on it.

For those who are lucky enough to never received one before, it’s not always a faceless dick in an alleyway. You may just as well know the face attached to it.

Sometimes a guy will run into it like an incoming train. They make it clear they’re thinking about it. I mean, any attempt at sexting runs the risk of getting one. And I don’t sext or do phone sex or none of that. See me in real life or fuck off my phone.

On the same note, I wish no one ever asked for another picture ever again. If you want to see me, make it happen. Stop asking me for pictures. Stop stop stop. I’ve had enough. If we’re cool enough, maybe you can take one yourself. Or I’ll willingly send them to you when I feel like it.

Partly because asking for a pic is also a sign that they have a dick pic ready to go. And they’re hoping to exchange. And if it’s too early on, you’re being weird.

I’ll be polite if I like you and just steer you away from there if you try. I give a chance to chill out. The best thing that could happen is that they might back off the subject. Otherwise, you’ll get one before you can even say no I’m not taking a pic.

The guy who did that most recently was this close too. We were going to chill the next day. Now I have to ignore you…

Sense the vibe. Don’t just start without me.

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