when you tell the truth

I’ve worked for free. This is free work right this second, if you want to get technical. But it’s exactly what I want. Guys wanting free labor, though, are really fuckin up.

A guy friend of mine asked if I would write something up for him. I was like… no. I know him but still. I’ll do my dumb shit for free. Not anyone else’s. I’ll edit stuff. But I’m not writing it from a blank word doc. Not since early undergrad.

But my friend joked about me being so mean. I was like I’m just being honest! I don’t want to write other people’s shit for them for free. He said I was too honest.

But really people are so good at asking for different kinds of labor that you have to know how to say no. I have so much of my own shit to do right now. I’m busy, and I’m not going to un-busy myself for someone else’s work.

And helping someone real quick isn’t nearly as bad as being asked to teach someone how to deal with another person in a normal way. They want you to tell them exactly what to do how to do it when to do it. They don’t care why. It’s just, give me the directions, and I might do it. Then kindly send along the next set of directions.

That’s not your genuine interest in me. My only direction is–have your own directions. Be cool by the time we meet.

The smokemeout guy confronted me one night like “damn it’s like that?” (I’ve blocked his number since then.) I was like it’s like what? He kind of turned to his mailbox so I just shook my head and kept walking outside.

He followed a few steps behind me to my car. I could feel someone there, and I was telling myself like no wouldn’t he just say something to stop me? My name maybe? But when I turned towards my car, there he was, talking about what happened why did I play him out.

I’m not going to give the whole dialogue here, but basically I told him he was bullshitting. He said some other bullshit acting like he just couldn’t believe it. Then said dumb shit like: “oh you’re different,” “you must have gotten hurt a lot,” “so what was I supposed to say? ‘Wanna go out Friday night?'”

I was like MAYBE! damn anything would have been better (I would have said no, but still at least come correct). But I have a kid in my apartment. You’re buggin. He was itching to ask well how about this Friday night. I was like dude, now that you needed step-by-step instructions, I’m really good.

I’m not doing that work. How you are now is who you are, and I’ll just leave. I seriously don’t have time for that shit. BUT, if you confront me in the street, I’m going to tell you about yourself for the sake of the next girl. Like please go and do better with her.

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