little icarus


My son was talking to me while I was reading, as he does, and then just stopped out of nowhere. He stared at the painting for a couple seconds, and I’m like, what? You see Icarus?

So he started explaining to me that Icarus fell into the water. He needs help. I was like but look around–no one notices that he needs help. He’s looking in that direction, the boat is sailing away already. He’s like ok I’ll help him. lmao.

I told him to go ahead. He started reaching into the painting with his marker-painted hands. Icarus was stuck in the water, he said. He couldn’t help either. We just looked at him.

After a few minutes of random other things, he returned to Icarus to say his favorite line when people are acting up or desperate: he needs his mommy and daddy right now!

It’s funny to be trapped in the house with a person who is so new to the world. He’s figuring everything out, while I’m just here like what am I doing??? How did I end up here in the middle of the day with a kid??? When did this happen???

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