on cooking for men

Fuck that shit. No.

And I’m talking about a new guy–not a boyfriend or something.

There are too many of these new men out there asking women to cook for them. Too many. My god. I can rattle off five names right away of guys who have asked me to cook for them in the past five months. Why are men doing this? Why why why?

When I was young and dumb (now I’m old and dumb), I was cooking for a guy all the time. What a mess. I was really cooking and giving him food. I mean, he was also buying food for me when we were out, but still. Wow. Just wow.

I’ve also been in relationships where I cooked more than the guy. I’ve been in relationships that went the other way around (okay, just one of those). I’m not against cooking or not, I’m just not going to prove my wife-ability of cooking before you make some moves.


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