love languages and horoscope charts

When I stop to think right away what my love language is, I have no idea. Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch.

If you go down that list, at different times I fit into different categories. I mean, women are givers. I feel like we don’t ever choose just one. How could we? If a guy needs things, we’ll give it. If a person wants different things, we’ll give those instead. It just depends on how much will really wear us out after a while. You eventually ask yourself: is it too much work to love them mostly in this way? Because I could be loving someone else my way and it not be so draining.

I guess if I had to pick one, it’s probably going to be… physical touch.  I always just figured I was a plain old scorpio given my personality and shit. I wasn’t thinking about moons and being near the cusp or not. But I’m a scorpio with a lot of scorpio in my chart. This is probably why men always think I’m flirting. Could be why I have so much trouble with them. It’s not easy to distinguish loving with physical touch from sexual drive.

Especially in this individualistic culture, we think our partners are special. The idea that someone else might show the type of love I want (I want them all) can seem completely irrelevant. Instead, you ask yourself: but what do I do with this type? I already like something else about this person.

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