periods and plan bs

I just had two periods in a row. I had just finished my regular period when I took a plan b pill. Literally, it ended one day before.

When I got pregnant with my sonI remember thinking like why is it that all of the symptoms for pregnancy the same as symptoms for your period? Be clearer, body! Cramps, bloating, headache, soreness, etc. It’s all the same for every possible outcome. Why?

A plan b period is much the same. You start worrying for a few hours like oh shit why do I have cramps right now? A few days after sex? Fuck, am I pregnant?

Then you remember that you took a plan b pill the other day and are about to have yet another period. A little bit of bleeding and a lot of emotional distress for the rest of the month. It’s the longest run of PMS in the world.

The last time I took a plan b pill, I don’t remember feeling as emotional. But this recent time was a lot… I was so worn out from being sad about every single thing. And I’m already a very emotional person. Always in my head and shit.

It was so bad, I had to look it up as a symptom (along with breaking out on my chest). I was also paranoid enough to take a pregnancy test because I was seven days late for my period that month. It was fucked up all around.

Then the day after I took the test and it was negative, I got my period.

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