to date the weedman or not

I think the hard math on weedmen is that half are actively trying to fuck. The other half are just selling weed (unless you’re actively trying to fuck them).

I’ve dated men who sell weed. Who hasn’t? But I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with someone that I bought weed from first. Not that I can recall at least.

The last weedman I met… on the street.

He was cool. He turned out to be the most energized, on-time, ready-that-minute weedman that I ever had. I will give him that. It’s so hard to find someone that’s not a bullshitter. And I’ve been on both sides of it–the reason their late and the person their late for. That’s just how it is.

But if you can find a weedman who is always ready to go, hold onto that number because it’s rare. I mean, I would hit this guy up just seeing if he’d be around at any point in the day (that’s how used to bullshit I was–tell me your schedule). But he was ready that minute every time. He’d deliver and everything.

He also had absolutely no game. I’ve seen a number of guys who were like this. It’s terrible to witness guys who seriously don’t know how to talk to women. I remember him asking me one time if I had a boyfriend. I said no. He said oh we going to have to talk about that! I was like… what else is there to say? He was like yea you right.


So I continued to deflect every semi-flirtatious comment or tone towards me every time I picked up from him. He was still always just a call away.

But weedmen like that don’t stick around forever. I know from dating in the same pool of men that they come and go. Eventually they change their number or clear their contacts or both. Or they move or they die. I mean, where do all the lost dealers go? I don’t even know.

He randomly didn’t answer a text one day, and I never hit him up again. It was a good run. Sometimes that’s all you can expect. Consistent convenient and with minimal sexual advances.

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