first thought after thinking to join a sport is to buy clothes for it…

Image result for nike women soccer clothes

I threw a football today for a few minutes at the park, and it made me feel like I should find some pickup soccer games or something.

I haven’t played a sport since freshman year of high school. I was playing volleyball then. After not making it sophomore year (weird timez in my personal life), I started working and I never stopped.

I used to play soccer growing up. I also did good during 7th grade track. Not so good 8th grade track (should have been a sign lol).

I wished I kept playing soccer, though, after my best friend moved away in middle school. Her mother was the one keeping us up with sports and practices and stuff.

But I want to get some tennis skirts, some shirts, socks, cleats, a ball, tights, button pants… I’ve already been working out on my own every morning (usually just in a sports bra n panties). I could jump right in.

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