pants are oppressive


I remember this guy was taking me shopping once a few years ago and was like, what else you want some jeans? I was like I don’t really wear jeans like that. He was like WHAT who doesn’t wear jeans? So he bought me some.

It wasn’t that I don’t like or own jeans, it’s just… in comparison to skirts and dresses, they are just not as comfortable. They’re tight as hell. In the summer you be sweating and having to peel them off.

It’s crazy to think back to low rise and or flared jeans from the 90’s. That shape is trash and unnatural, like the bellies women have in some old European paintings. I have one pair of high-waisted flaired pants now, but I barely ever wear them.

Jeans are mostly dress down wear for me right now. In the house, if I’m working, or just to run to the store. I’ll wear them out occasionally. It’s mostly winter-wear anyway.

For a while it was like, if I’m wearing jeans, I really do not give a fuck that day.

But I just can’t wait to get them off. When I’m about to go out, and happened to be wearing jeans already I might consider them for a second. But then I’m like… why am I doing this to myself. I don’t need to be squeezed in or outlined to intricately this second. I’m just going to throw on a dress or something.

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