do i really look that young

I walked to the liquor store around the corner with my son the other night. While we passed through a little parking lot, we also passed a group of three guys. One of them was like hold up do you have a minute? I looked back at him. He was kinda cute. I was like umm yea…

After I took his number down he was like how old are you? I was like I was just going to ask you the same shit cuz you look young as hell. He was like no you look young. He was thirty.

Then walking out the liquor store, another guy stopped me to talk. Well he actually just started walking alongside me and my son asking me questions. The first one was if I’m of age. lol… dude I’m grown as hell.

Anyway, he was setting up a date before we even exchanged numbers. He was like ok we’ll go here and here and you don’t have to worry about nothing. Just some regular fast talk… I was like uhh maybe. He was too short for me, but I would be polite and take the number down just to never hit him up.

Then as we’re hitting the corner, a woman called out to him saying that his cab was here. She looked over at me and noticed he was trying to talk to me and was like “oh na… come on. This cab is going to leave.” I smiled at her for giving me an exit.

I just kept walking while he called behind me to still just take his number.

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