in (and out) the bubble

It’s a mix of drunken vision and tunnel vision. It’s what can keep you blissfully unaware of how fucked up a person is acting towards you when you first art to talk. That person may not be 100% a fucked up person, but that they have been capable and active in their badness towards you.

It’s not always a dramatic pop. Sometimes it happens right away. You’re talking to someone who seems cool as hell. Then, when you get close to them, they’re completely void of character.

But usually, that bubble pops anywhere from 1-3 months of talking to someone. The thing is, those first fun weeks seem bubbleless. You can’t see the bubble from the inside. You can see your past bubbles just to scoff at them. You may even hear about your current bubble in disbelief, but it’s there.

Losing interest in someone you liked isn’t something that happens on purpose. It’s not that the person is different from before. It’s that you’re finally outside the bubble.

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