men with kids

I used to be weird about guys with kids. I have an ex who had a kid when I met him. Then we broke up and started talking again a few years later, and he had another kid in between that time. It was awkward. It wasn’t that I wanted his kid, but it was like… so you really moved on in that time I see…

I think I felt weird in times like that because I knew that I would never be number one in a guy’s life if they had a kid. I would never come first, like they might come for me. Our relationship would always be secondary. We can’t just up and move, if we wanted to–he’d need to be near his kid. I wondered if I was the extra person getting locked down with them.

Now… it’s like a non-factor. Have a kid, don’t have a kid–whatever. Just be cool and don’t hover over me.

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