tobacco killz

I hate tobacco. Like it’s not cute. I have a certain ex who once promised me that he would stop smoking milds. I told him I could not deal with that shit, you have to stop. He said ok ok I’m not that addicted anyway!

So, time goes by. He still randomly had milds in his pockets, or I’d walk up to him on the street and he smelled like smoke. But I accepted that he just wouldn’t smoke around me because he couldn’t smoke weed.  Now that seems like an obvious red flag.

But beyond general health and/or the wellbeing of the earth, when a guy smokes tobacco it also means he needs to step out all the time. Even in the cold. Even during a conversation. Being left at a table so a guy can smoke is not great. Yea, I can drink and chill, but we’re in a dark bar.

And that all goes beyond the guilty smell of it. When they return to you as completely different people. Fresh air and all. Fuck that.

Unless you got a blunt too…

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