always breaking the rubber heels off my shoes

exhibit a:IMG_9114.JPG

This pic is just one example of the rubber tip of the heel that has disintegrates (or pops right off). That shit is annoying as hell and has no discrimination against expensive shoes either…

This happens all the time. I have another pair at the shoe place as I type this. I really wear my hears, so I always have to get that fixed.

The worst part is how it happens…

One minute, you’re walking along minding your own business, then you start to hear a more distinct *CLICK* on one side. Then that’s it. That one is already fucked. In time, the other one will fuck up too.

It’s not just the noise, though. It really feels different. I feel mad uncomfortable walking around because you’re just clicking away, scratching the floor with every step. The balance is off. I mean, I can still wear them, but I’m constantly paranoid about messing up the screw. The crunch of the pavement onto a rubberless spike… not a good sound.

exhibit b:


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