guys who THINK they’re being slick

I was getting my son and mother ice cream the other night by myself. Parked, got out, got it. This white guy in a blue truck was sitting parked in his car since I pulled in. He was parked back-in and I was parked front-in, so I was standing right by his window to get in my car.

He was like, what’d you get me?

I was like, nothing. Same thing you got me.

He was laughing already like he was surprised at himself for being so forward (lol not). He said something like–you must not have been expecting that!

I gave him a polite laugh and shrug… if that’s you doing your thing then so be it. But you give me a line women use to men (i.e. that I use), I’m going to throw it right back at you. Don’t try it. You’re not slicker than me. That wit is going to dry out real fast.

Same goes for any other girl games that guys try, trying to be funny. Like if I say I’m smoking and they say they wanna smoke. I’m gonna be like… ok spark up?

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