chilling with 1/2 a couple

Went to this bar and ended up with two different people who were each an inch away from marriage. Oh man. What a buzz kill… I couldn’t even get drunk properly.

I’m even a hater, it’s just when two of them get together they’re happy to not be alone at that stage. And, for me, that’s just not fun. I feel like we’re in school talking about Jane Austen. The appropriate time to marry, the best way to go about it, the different ways to cover up bad behavior.

No. I want the dirt you’re covering with how sure you are about them. What does he do that makes you want to kill him in his sleep? What has he bought you lately? Is he a freak?

It’s bad enough I already know everything I say is going in one ear and out their partner’s ear. People in a relationship are always telling each other everything. Especially when they have kids or are married. That level of legal seriousness guarantees secret sharing… about you.

Most people do it in the privacy of their own homes, but I’ve also had it happen right in front of me. I’ll be right there and someone will relay something to their partner that I said to them in private. Not anything bad, but still it was something I said while the other one wasn’t there. When their partner pop up, they go and include them in the loop. Like fuck, the loop was fine how it was. I could have waited until they were around if I wanted them to know what I just said.

Bitch I’m out…

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