being someone else’s compliment

I’ve seen that obvious nudge, stare-down, whatever a million times. It’s not even directed at me. It’s directed at the dude I’m standing with. There’s also the subtle won’tlookatyou move these complimenters do too. Like dude won’t even glance your way because you look good. But either way, it’s for you only indirectly.

A whiiiile ago, one guy’s uncle walked up to us on the front steps just saying his name and shaking his head. Barely even took a second look at me.

I was with this other dude in his hallway smoking the other day, as one does. Another dude walked past me and was like oh my god… do they call you a gorgeous snowbunny? I was like yea i guess they do sometimes. A different dude coming down that same little hallway was like hello gorgeous… and then went up to the guy I was with and was in his face just staring him up and down saying, your ugly ass. lol… it was funny. (these were people he knew)

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