chill LOL

Guys who aren’t interested or available for any kind of connection always do this panicked run away move. It’s pretty sad in motion. Like, did you think I was going to chase you down? You don’t have to get weird. Speak your mind or just go…

I had this one guy who, like, I wanted him to leave my place (because he was emotionally unavailable) but he was waiting for me to be ready to leave the house too. So I told him, I’m not holding you up. I’m going to be a few minutes. He was like, I know you’re not holding me up. As if he was trying to be cute by waiting for me. Bro, we’re going in two different directions out of here… for good.

I swear some forms of abuse are the result of a guy who is just so non-confrontational about wanting out of the relationship, that he just tortures the woman hoping she’ll end it. And that’s happened to me, so I’m not calling it that. I’m just saying there are many variations of that same non-confrontationalness.

There’s this other guy who just kept telling me like he gotta go to sleep. He just said, gotta go. I’m tired as fuck. Tired tired. Like ok man CHILL lol… If you wanna go, go. We’re only getting together if you come to me. So you good to go…

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