reading my stuff

Guys always want to read my stuff, but I think it’s mainly to hear about themselves. I have an ex who alllllways gave me shit about a certain night that happened before we were really got together because I chilled with this dude (what’s new). But I wrote a short story based on that night because the dude ended up drugged me… I mean he drugged the character in that story.

And when I read it out loud to him AS FICTION–man I never saw a more intent listener in my LIFE. LMAO… He wanted the details right then and there. Dude was barely even BREATHING. Shit was too funny.

I also have this one situation from the past about my family reading my writing about my life written as fiction. I got kicked out for it at 13… I also had a lot of readers of that “book” who were the characters in the stories, wanting to know what I wrote. It was a very strange time of sharing and hiding my stuff.

I’m not scared to share my writing as an adult. It’s pretty much all I’ve got. Unfortunately for some men, there was a time when the only thing I was writing was academic papers (sorry!). But yea that shit is normal for a guy to be fake interested in what I write.

But I do this shit for fun. A hit dog definitely gonna holler, but all of this is just a reflection of what happens in my own life.

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