sweet dudes are winning

i was with this dude the other night and he wanted to play moneybag yo. he said that if kodak was my mans then i’d like him too. i was like ok. wait he sound just like future… anyway, we were listening. bumping. whatever, he’s cool.

dude was like, so what do you think. i was like yea he’s good only thing is kodak is still sweet. this dude thinks he’s being sweet when he says fucked up shit. talking about “i know i didn’t come home that night but i still love you.” boy byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. you’re on some fuck shit. that’s the sweetest you can be? lol. sure, kodak can be a scumbag too, but he’s sweet as hell. when he does love songs there’s no fuck shit happening. it’s all super sweet. but he’s also haitian so he got that french lover vibe.

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