SWEETENING THE PILL by Holly Grigg-Spall

This book is so good. I found it because of another book… but I was already interested in finding more literature on the topic of natural fertility methods, so this title stood out.

I’ve been off bc pills since I was like 18. I relied just on condoms after that. I didn’t like taking the pills, partially because I was thrown on them at 13 for having sex. No conversations, no books, no nothing. Not at home, not at school. I didn’t know anything about bc or sex or anything. All my doctor really told me at the time was that it doesn’t affect fertility (she took it for years and got off to have a baby recently), it’ll help with my acne/period pain, and I shouldn’t tell my boyfriend that I’m on bc because he’s going to pressure me to not use condoms. It definitely didn’t make me more responsible, but it just kept me from getting pregnant (which is apparently the only thing people were worried about).

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