It’s weird that we’re already reading books that address trump, but that is what made me pick up the book. I was at an academic conference accepting a bunch of free books. By the end, my bag was heavy as hell and I held a couple in my hand too. I was willing to take this one too because it was so skinny and the title made me think about how long ago that was now.

From the cover, it might seem like a personal story about being in the U.S. right now, but it’s more academic than that. There’s a lot of  black feminists and Black Panthers being analyzed. There’s also a lot of Judith Butler (she also blurbs the book). It’s a really clear explanation of why anti-capitalism should be the focus for activism: Nationalism won’t save us, and capitalism relies on racism and sexism to exist. Also, allow activists to grow.

Some of my favorite parts were the ones on his personal life. The stuff about college activism was great. That was bookcased with the muslim ban activists at the end of the book. It was a clear way to show that Haider is living this topic and this work.

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