I CAN’T DATE JESUS by Michael Arceneaux

I saw the cover of this book a while ago (before it came out) and was interested but forgot about it until I heard him on the breakfast club the other morning. I was driving home from dropping my son off at pre-school and I guess my phone must have been dying for me to have put on the radio. I heard him talking about something like… giving head or not? I don’t know somehow I just knew it was him and they were talking about this book. And they were. So I requested it from the library when I got home.

The book covered two overlapping topics that I’m already really interested in, which are sex and religion. I could relate to the insecurities and uncertainties Arceneaux has about dating. Whenever people ask me what religion I am (usually a guy) I can really only say that I grew up catholic, so I’m not really anything right now. Arceneaux sums that sentiment up with the phrase “recovering catholic.” But my catholicguiltstuff has more to do with reproductive issues…

Anyway, it’s also kinda nice to get a book that doesn’t end with him getting into a relationship (though, personally I hope he finds someone) in terms of genre.

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