Prison: Five Hundred Years of Life Behind Bars by Edward Marston

i’m using this pic from the internet because i had to return the book back to my school’s library before i thought to write about

I’m working on turning an essay on Lil Wayne’s prison journal into an academic chapter, so I’ve been collecting a bunch of research. Now I’m trying to sort everything together

I didn’t really know what I was getting with this book, but it said stuff about being stuck in prison so I figured it would be relevant. It was kinda cool to read about the first kinds of prison in England. Right away I was like, but was prison invented in England?

I didn’t read the whole book because, really, my chapter isn’t about England or the history of prisons. I did learn that “medieval prisons were used for temporary detention: it was not until many centuries later that penal institutions became part of an integrated national system under a Prison Commission with clear objectives” (10).

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