I’m raising money to attend a few academic conferences next year

I’ve been accepted to present papers at three different conferences this March. I’m raising money for registration fees, travel, and hotel arrangements.

The first project is called “Burning Bush: The Politics of Pubic Hair,” which is a part of the ACLA panel “in the thick of it—a study of hair and its intersections with identity, politics, and culture.” This project will look at women’s pubic hair in popular culture, particularly in terms of the female gaze. I’ll be incorporating shows like Sex and the City and Broad City as well as the play The Vagina Monologues. This conference is in Washington DC on 7-10 March 2019.

My project “’Worth Writing About:’ Boredom in Lil Wayne’s Jail Journal Gone ‘Til November” started out as an essay for the Ploughshares blog, then it got accepted to the  NEMLA panel “the Diary as Literature through the Lens of Multiculturalism in America,” and then that panel got turned in to a book proposal. So I’m turning an analytical essay on the journal into an academic chapter. I’ll be presenting this paper in  Washington DC on 21-24 March 2019.

“Procreative Witchcraft in Elisa Albert’s After Birth” is a project that looks at witchy language and bodies in a novel about post-baby life. This paper also has a lot to do with bonding between new mothers who are raising their children together. This project will be a part of the CEA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on 28-30 March 2019.

Here’s my gofundme: LINK

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