Such a great, important book. Lutnick highlights the way that the language people use to describe trafficking of minors is unproductive. The girls/etc. don’t call themselves victims and don’t reference to their boyfriends/thirdparty/etc. as pimps. And when people envision half naked girls with a man of color forcing them to sell sex, people think in terms of “rescue porn”–i.e. people think a cop needs to come in and save her. But that’s not always how it looks, and the cops often rape/harass/etc. the girls too. There are so many social blockers keeping minors vulnerable to this system–shelters that tell parents their whereabouts within three days, fear of prosecution if they come forward, fear that the state will take their kid away if they request foodstamps or other services, etc etc etc. So many of these girls are leaving one abusive situation for another. It’s clear that policy change is needed to not only decriminalize sex work but also to give basic human rights to people who are under 18.

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