NEVER ENOUGH: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction by Judith Grisel

This is a book about drug addiction written by a former addict and current neuroscientist, and it mixes personal stories with scientific data.

One thing I keep thinking about from it is that she said she gets almost annoyed seeing people not finish their drinks and stuff. Like to her–even now–it’s completely absurd that someone wouldn’t go overboard drinking when it’s readily available. She could better understand the type of person trading their kids for beer than that.

Anyway, one of the big takeaways about all drugs is that your brain goes through an A process and a B process. The A process is you being on the drug, and the B process is your brain trying to neutralize that effect by going to the opposite extreme (re: hangover, bad day after doing E, etc.). It looks like this:

Image result for a process b process drug use
(a) is the experience of a new user, (b) is an addict’s experience


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