CARRIE by Stephen King

This is a real cute book. I like Carrie the character a lot. She’s cool, and it’s cool that she gets to be dramatic as hell and yet is taken seriously by the narrator.

I also just love the drama–fainting and falling out when she got her first period (thinking she was dying), accepting an invitation to prom from the boyfriend of a cool girl who bullied her, and killing everyone (including her mother) via telekinesis after winning prom queen and getting pig blood poured on her onstage. It’s great.

I was a little distracted by the fact that it was a man writing about a girl getting bullied mercilessly at school and at home by her mother and so many other girls, but King pulls it off. The whole book is also very disjointed, like it’s not a straight through narrative. It’s a couple pages of narration, then a snippet from a news article, then back to the narrative, then a page or two from a memoir written by one of the girls later in life, etc. That brokenness ends up making Carrie’s own story seem even more important, more solid, more famous–that all these documents and life stories are centered around her, the least popular girl in school.

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