This book ended up in my house last summer somehow. I think a guy left it behind–actually yes that’s what happened. It was this book and a real estate type book. I held onto this tho because I like 50 Cent. I read it real quick yesterday evening, and it was alright.

It’s a YA book about a kid in his final year of middle school. It involves losing his idealization for his cheap dumb ass dad, drudging through the school day amid various bullying situations, and reckoning with his mother being in a same sex relationship. That whole story is told in and around his therapy sessions, which ends up being his connection to an arts high school where he can focus on his passion for making movies.

Two things I liked about the book specifically–the casual use of little curses here and there (that helps keep the attention of young readers and feels authentic but not overdone) and the lack of a love interest. There is a girl that he’s friends with, but even as everyone else pushes him to go for her, he’s just chilling. Very cool.

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