JEALOUSY by Catherine Millet

This is kinda a follow up to Millet’s other book, except instead of a memoir through the lens of her sex life, this one is about her being cheated on.

She and her partner have a sort of open relationship already, but Millet accidentally finds some photos and a diary entry all about a woman he’s seeing. What she’s most caught up on isn’t the sex but the feelings he expresses for her. And when she confronts him about it on the phone, he basically says oh yea I should tell you about the five or six women I’m seeing. Oof.

So she spends a lot of time thereafter obsessing over his affairs. She has sexual fantasies about him with them, she rummages through his stuff maniacally (and ritualistically), and she is just generally distracted from life. Very relatable feelings, very smart book.

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