THE PROPOSAL by Jasmine Guillory

Somehow women not wanting to get married has become a cliche.

The last book I read about cheap sex came to mind while I was reading this book because she offers up friends with benefits (practically insists on it) and he lowkey pressures her to commit. It’s the fantasy that being carefree, “just” sleeping with a guy, would lead to a relationship with a really great person. But like the writer of Sex and the City has said, in real life Carrie wouldn’t have ended up with Big (tho Big was also a dick and this guy is mad sweet–maybe he’s the real fantasy, a doctor who cooks and loves his family and is emotionally available lol).

Guillory’s books are cool. Her writing is so consistent. It’s the easiest prose ever in the most comfortable genre ever. In romance, you know exactly what’s going to happen the whole way through every time. It’s so affirming–just all about the build up. This book kinda identifies love as the moment they notice* they’ve been thinking about the other person all the time. Got me like, okay neither of these characters are scorpios I guess cuz that’s everyday shit. Obsession and desire as love? That is just not a revelation to me at this point lol.

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