Wrote about my lil baby mama drama for Fck Prison

My son’s dad called one night to say he was getting locked up. And that this time it wasn’t a quick jail then bail situation. It wasn’t a couple grams stuffed into his boxers, gutted out by a handsy cop. This time it was serious. It was allegedly bricks, and this was his last call before they took his phone from him.

Ours was a classic love story. When we met, I was looking for weed. Not that he had it. He ended up bullshitting. Classic. Nah but he was just on his way to get a mild being that he was on probation. Turned out we lived around the corner. We ended up getting together having a baby then breaking up.

But some time passed, and we were back to talking on the phone every day. You know, seemed like things were falling right back into place. Finally getting along. Then I got that call. Plans to chill that weekend suddenly turned into ok my visitation days are no-contact on Saturday’s.

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