Wrote about student protesting for Fck Prison

High school and middle school students in Illinois organized a sit-in Wednesday morning to protest police presence in their schools. They want the money paying for that to be allocated towards initiatives for young people. The group is also seeking to declare February 26th to be a day to formally recognize victims of police brutality.

The walkout began at 10am. Students draped in hoodies with the phrase “WE ARE TRAYVON” written across them walked about an hour to village hall where they held their rally. There, they demanded a meeting with Mayor Anan Abu-Taleb, who was unavailable. The group waited until around 3pm, but the mayor never met with them.

It’s important to note that faculty and staff from the schools were not allowed to promote or participate in the walkout, and the school marked students with unexcused absences for the day. Administration and small government might not hear them yet, but their prison abolitionist efforts should not go unnoticed.

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