Wrote about sickness and solitary confinement for Fck Prison

In one California prison, incarcerated people report hiding any sickness to avoid being sent into solitary. One person says they’d fill their mouth with cold water right before getting their temperature checked just to avoid it.

This particular situation isn’t coronavirus related. The same prison had an outbreak of pneumonia that was mishandled a couple years ago. Their idea to isolate sick people is framed as a standard precaution. Those who have been sent to confinement due to illness complain of dirtiness, hunger, bright lights, and being stuck there longer than their sickness (standard incubation periods run 2-10 days).

Sick or not, even short periods in solitary cause lasting psychiatric injuries that are exaggerated for those living with mental illness. Nevertheless, about 100,000 people are in solitary confinement across the country, daily.

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