Wrote about a police shooting on the Chicago transit system for Fck Prison

In February, Mayor Lori Lightfoot put SWAT team members on the Chicago transit system (CTA) as a result of an uptick of crime. She said “We’re not going to tolerate any more crime. Certainly more shootings… that’s over.”

Less than a week later, Chicago police shot Ariel Roman during an attempt to arrest him for jumping from train to train. Video shows two cops pepper-spraying and firing tasers at Roman. One of the cops also shot him with a gun twice. Even Lightfoot said the footage was disturbing. Within two days resisting arrest charges were dropped, and both cops involved were placed on administrative duties pending investigations into their actions. Roman is in stable condition.

This situation relates closely to the use of force model which is used to train cops to be at least one level more aggressive than the person they’re arresting. Lightfoot’s original claim about adding police to lessen crime is an oxymoron—it ignores policing (and police presence) as violence. Just plopping cops around is not a quick fix, especially in a city where 29% of all police shootings were committed by 130 officers.

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