Wrote about NJ gun laws for Fck Prison

Roosevelt Twyne (age 25) was pulled over in Roselle Park, New Jersey for tinted windows. He told officers that, as an armored car security guard, he was a concealed carry holder and that he had his gun on him. Police then searched him and arrested him for felony possession of hollow-point ammunition and illegal transportation of a firearm.

New Jersey has notoriously tough gun laws, only second to California. The state has been known to not recognize gun-carry permits from other states and attaining the New Jersey permit is complicated and usually reserved for certain jobs and people with clean arrest records.

Twyne’s case makes it clear how life-altering accusations from police are, whether they stick or not. Since his arrest, he’s been suspended from his place of employment (probably as a result of license suspension due to the nature of the charges). His case will be heard next month in Superior Court.

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