Wrote about romance and jpay for Fck Prison

Digital kisses. Timed phone calls. Drawings on ripped up white sheets of comics and quotes. Yea it’s something but it sucks because that stuff is never enough.

It’s a lot like a long-distance three-way relationship between me, him, and the man. No matter all the scheduling and calling, I can always feel someone listening on the other line just waiting for us to hang up. It’s like, he can reach me, but I can’t reach him. It’s a looming presence. Can’t call after nine but getting messages late night at the bar. And this is all among constant reminders that we’re being monitored and to be careful what we say.

Over here paying for texts like it’s the year 2000. But Jpay markets themselves as a wholesome service, connecting you with “your loved one.” I guess it’s really not that much different than any other app—graciously offering you their platform to socialize on in exchange for that content.

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