Policing coronavirus, Fck Prison

Six people in New Jersey have been recently arrested for spitting or coughing on a cop while claiming to have coronavirus. Overlapping charges for these individuals include terroristic threats during a state of emergency, aggravated assault on an officer, throwing bodily fluid at an officer, and resisting arrest. The people accused range in ages 25-52 and reside in Perth Amboy, New Providence, River Edge, Flemington, Kearny, and Plainfield.

Governor Phil Murphy has boasted that these cases will result in fines of up to $10K and up to 18 months in jail. He’s saying that last week was the time for warnings and now he wants to utilize “strong law enforcement action,” whatever that means. What isn’t being said is that half of these people were involved in domestic violence accusations and one was related to shoplifting. There are underlying issues being exaggerated by coronavirus conditions that could be dealt with in a realer way.

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