Arrest, release, repeat

Daniel Vargas (age 29) was arrested this past November for felony drug possession. On March 28th, he was one of the people released from Rikers Island because of coronavirus concerns. Less than two weeks later, he was arrested again for robbery, grand larceny, assault, and possession of stolen property.

Vargas allegedly intended to rob a 62-year-old man going into a corner store around 8am. The guy didn’t want to give up his money, so Vargas pushing him around and assaulted him to the point of breaking the guy’s arm. Vargas got away with $80 for about one block before the cops arrested him.

Vargas isn’t the only one who has been arrested again after being recently released from jail. That cycle isn’t unique to these coronavirus-related releases. 1/4 of people who get arrested in the U.S. get booked more than once during the same year. Arrest, release, repeat is an ongoing phenomenon that only worsens people’s psychological and financial problems.

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