THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT by Georgina Spelvin

Georgina Spelvin got into the porn industry in her thirties because she was short on rent while living with roommates in NYC. She was offered the job based on her previous acting and dancing gigs, and she took it. She was working for $100 a day (plus more to cook for everyone) just, ya know, dressing up, having sex, and fondling snakes and fruits and stuff.

Spelvin also becomes an alcoholic after a while, and her mother comes around to help her get clean, which is really sweet and is probably the best part of the book. The two of them reconnect and talk about the past. This is at a time when Spelvin in mostly doing little stripping routines onstage as a famous porn star already, but her mother was waiting for her in the back and wouldn’t leave her side until she stopped drinking.

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