THREE WOMEN by Lisa Taddeo

This book tells the stories of three women all dealing with desire and love and heartache. Lisa Taddeo researched them for like ten years, so it’s her voice telling their stories in the clearest way possible.

  1. One is a woman in her early twenties still living with the after effects of two predatory relationships in her teenage years. She presses charges against one of them and goes to court over it in the book. He’s a teacher she knew since freshman year. Married, kids.
  2. Another is a woman in an open relationship with her husband. They own a successful restaurant, and she was born rich. They’re casually bringing other people into their sex lives, but then it turns out one of their partners is keeping the relationship from his wife.
  3. The other is a woman who is sooo deprived in her marriage. In her early 30’s with two kids. For ten years, her husband barely kisses or touches her. She reconnects with her high school boyfriend on FB and lusts after him so much. Even just 30 minutes of him is a dream. Absolutely infatuated even tho he sucks.

Each one of these stories is mad relatable. It’s something in the deeply emotional longing that they feel for a guy that is like, too real. Especially vs how full that same person can make you feel. That balance is what keeps toxic relationships alive. Meanwhile, a lot of men are just along for the ride. They will traumatize you and keep rolling forward as they see fit. I didn’t really get the woman-to-woman issues Taddeo bookcases the stories with–the concern that women friends will guide you into unhappiness. It felt like all three of these women need more girlfriends.

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