Police Protest, Fck Prison

I don’t want to see not one more person hugging a cop. I’m not moved by cops kneeling down in front of a crowd to seem sorrowful. I don’t buy it. I don’t believe their sad eyes or their hand on someone’s shoulder. Sure, some of them might not like what happened to George Floyd, but we need to be critical about the ways cops have inserted themselves into these protests. They’re out here trying to lead marches and help set up barriers and block off streets so people can protest. It seems wholesome, especially in comparison to cops shooting rubber bullets and driving SUVs into crowds and pushing people down to the ground during demonstrations. But it’s all the same because police presence is violence. Police don’t protect people; they protect order. Their gestures aren’t genuine. They’re “protesting” on the clock with guns on their hips and cuffs waiting for action.

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