JAZZ by Toni Morrison

This book is all about love triangles. There’s a married couple and the guy cheats with a young girl then kills her for cheating on him. Then the woman goes to the funeral and stabs her in the casket (“kills a dead girl,” as Toni Morrison writes). The rest of the book considers why he did it and why she did it and who everyone is and where they come from.

Both the husband and wife are cool, but I liked the girl’s best friend the most. She hangs around the married couple at the end of the book and thinks about everything that went down. She feels betrayed by the friend because of how she turned her attention to the husband and a younger guy she deals with. And, of course, that young guy sucks and the young girl is hoping he will love her or step up for her or appreciate her and he doesn’t. It’s really only the friend who would admit or even know such a thing because both her romantic relationships were hidden.

It’s the friend’s explanation of things that clarify those kinds of problems and secrets and solutions. Feels like she knows the most even if she seems disloyal to the friend for being jealous or mad at her or blaming her for what happened. She hates that her friend didn’t return a ring she borrowed before she died and that her last words were about the married guy, who shoots her for being at a party with the young guy. The love triangle between the two girl friends and whoever the one girl is dating is unsettled and raw and real.


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