TELL ME LIES by Jennifer Crusie

This is a fun lil suburban romance novel that centers around a woman named Maddie who is in her late 30’s dealing with a lying, cheating husband and a gossipy hometown that she’s stayed in her whole life–plus some mysterious money and a murder. Maddie finds comfort in the arms of her former lover who had come back to town 20 years later to look into the money situation. Their relationship is the real fantasy because he’s so great and committed and loves her and her daughter.

The social dynamics of the town were also cool in general. Everyone knows everyone and because people are always watching and listening and talking, they all have to put up some kinda front to get through the day to day. You bear your family’s name and that means something, what your last name is or who your grandmother was. And yet, people look out for (or straight up take care of) kids that aren’t theirs and stay committed to close friends for decades. It’s also Maddie’s break from traditional sexual repression that marks her personal freedom from that location.

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