HARD TO DO: The Surprising, Feminist History of Breaking Up by Kelli Maria Korducki

This is easy reading akin to watching Sex and the City. Subject matter is good and it attempts to point in various directions within the topic of dating around. And likewise the book Sex and the City is a lot more about marriage than the show turned out to be like. Yes people were getting married and wanted to get married in the show, but their lil tag was eventually: four single girls in the city. It was no longer the journalist doing vibe checks with married people.

Korducki, on the other hand, opens up talking about breaking up with a basically great guy after ten years (right away, was not relatable lol). She shares that this does happen, even as most women complain about how terrible men are. Korducki also considers how U.S. laws impacted the supposed sanctity of marriage, ok. The notion of dating as a function of capitalism, ok. The concept of divorce throughout the 1900s, ok.

I wanted more about people, like her, who never got married–common-law breakups, baby mothers, all that stuff.

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