I don’t believe in writer’s block

me to the max

You only can’t write cuz you’re not writing. If you really run blank and don’t know what to write at any given moment, you can always journal. Wallah–now you’re writing.

Even if all you write is god idk what to write. I’m sitting here in a hoodie and jeans. A thong a top no bra. I’m wear a simple watch. I don’t get my nails done. I don’t wear make up. Sometimes I do my hair. I’m sitting here like this, just thinking: I am really here right now.

Or even if all you write is god idk what to write. Sometimes I feel bad sticking my son on his tablet when I have to work. Wish there was something more productive to do by himself. Or maybe I wish I wasn’t the only guide he has at home outside of his teacher, who lives in his laptop in his room for remote classes. Sucks but hey that’s life I guess. I gotta teach in between his classes and he has to occupy himself between mine. That just is life right now.

What else. Could just write, hey I got a couple projects I wish I was working on. I guess if I had fake writer’s block then I might start writing out which ones are which and which I ultimately feel like opening up. Might write for a lil bit about what I want to do with that one. Maybe try to do a synopsis of the whole thing then ok go to that document and get to it.

If you’re unproductive again, go to the next thing on the list or else return to the journal in the form of I am. This is what I’m doing. I’m trying to write but idk what to put down. I am just sitting here, now in the dark, late picking up my son from my mom’s so that I can write out what I mean by I don’t get writer’s block.

-Rachel Wagner 2020

Other pieces I’ve written on this topic: Working from home (with a kid) & “Worth Writing About:” Lil Wayne’s Jail Journal Gone ‘Til November

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