This is a book about a 30-something bisexual single mother’s sexcapades. She writes about an erotic birthday gift from her girlfriend, her social experience being pregnant while identifying as queer, and her views on the transformative nature of dildos. It’s also more generally about her sexual philosophies, which don’t subscribe to women suppressing their desires whatsoever. She doesn’t like when people aren’t straightforward about their intentions or when they make sweeping statements like “no means no” or when they act like they can’t get into a tea party she was hosting during which silent, naked men would serve women guests with no actual sexual component. Rather, Bright advocates for open dialogue about fun fantasies and real sex.

-Rachel Wagner 2020

Other pieces on books:

4th of July Book Sale in Jersey City

My bookstore Ten Dollar Books will be at the Jersey City Night Market on the 4th of July. Books on the site will be available in real life. Come by if you’re around that day. More info is available here: JC Night Market -Rachel Wagner

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